Monday, June 25, 2012

LTCU - Back in Katy!~

Yesterday we were on the road 14+ hours - yeah, it was long, but some great opps to plant seeds for Jesus "as we went." Today we arrived back in Katy after only 7 hours on the road.

LOVED the devos ours team shared:
Christy shared the story of the cave by Plato (never heard of it) and related it to 2 Cor 4:8. What a convicting story and a GREAT transition into the Gospel - this girl can write!~

Then "Miss Yvonne" share from a books she is reading called, "The Power of One Christ-Like Life" and how we need to be more "prayer-mental" than "judge-mental" - what a great reminder!~ And then brought us to Matt 9:35-38 to remind us to PRAY - especially for others to join us in THE Cause!

Alaric shared from Luke 4:18, Jn 8:36, Gal 5:1,13, Rom 8:1 and 2 Pet 2:19! Jesus doesn't want a "place" in our lives, he WANTS our lives!

Finally, Kyle spoke from Rom 8:28 & Prov 19:21 on God being in control even when we don't like it or don't understand!

So stoked by the devos each shared along the way AND how our students truly lived with an "as you go" mentality, sharing Jesus before, during and since LTCU! It's not a job, it's DNA!

Totally looking forward to LEADING THE CAUSE with even greater passion (from God) in the days ahead - LORD please send workers to serve along side us!
Matthew 9:35-38

Here is what Greg Stier said about LTCU.

You can also see pics here on my Facebook Page.

Lastly - Here again is my/our Alpha X pledge:
We, the undersigned, do hereby surrender ourselves fully to Christ and His Cause. Through His power we will LEAD THE CAUSE. First and foremost, we will lead through prayer, by passionately interceding to God on behalf of our generation.
We will lead by example by relationally and relentlessly declaring the Gospel to those within our Cause Circle. Through God's power we will inspire, equip and deploy other Christian teenagers, youth groups, campus groups and churches to reach this generation for Christ.
Although Satan will seek to distract, discourage and destroy us, we will improvise, adapt and overcome. Our goal is to persevere until every teen at every school within our Cause Turf hears the Gospel from a teenager they know and respect.
We won't stop until we're a part of a spiritual awakening that sweeps our schools, communities, state, nation and world. And we won't stop when we graduate from high school. By staying connected to Christ and His people, we'll keep leading THE Cause wherever we go and in whatever we do.
Through God's Spirit we won't give up, give in, or give way until the mission is accomplished. Apart from Christ, we can do nothing, but through Christ, we are an unstoppable force. Who are we? WE ARE ALPHA X! We will lead THE Cause!


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