Tuesday, June 12, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 117 - Acts 28: The End of the Book of Acts BUT the Continuation of the Work of Acts

Long Title – it will make sense later….

We come to the final chapter of the acts of the apostles in the early church. Paul will give the final of his six defenses in the book of Acts.

On the island where the boat crashed, God’s protective hand was on Paul as seen in:
- The islanders showing unusual kindness. Often shipwrecked victims were enslaved or killed
- Paul was not harmed by the poisonous viper that bit him
- The head honcho of the island showed incredible hospitality
- Paul healed all the sick on the island
- Honor was shown them in many ways
- They provided a boat & supplies to set sail again
- Paul was allowed unusual freedom as a prisoner

As Paul finally arrived in Rome, he gathered the leaders of the Jews & presented his defense. Some were convinced, others would not believe (familiar?) and Paul was eventually released. And we would do well to follow Paul’s lead in the last verse of this book: “Boldly and without hindrance he preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ.”

History tells us that after Paul’s release he continued to share the good news of Christ until a few years later when he was executed for his faith…..BUT it doesn’t end there!

*Do you find it interesting that an island tribe that knows nothing of Jesus, knows that there is right & wrong (“justice”)? That is because the Bible teaches that God’s law is written on our hearts (Romans 2:14-15) and all of us are accountable to our Maker!

*Where the book of Acts ends, the work of acts continues thru all who believe & receive! The baton of faith is being passed on from God to Paul to Timothy to Reliable Men to Others (2 Timothy 2:2). You & I believe today because someone was faithful to share Jesus with us. It’s been said that Christianity is only one generation away from extinction. How are you & I involved in giving Jesus to the next generation. If you’re not, talk with me, I’d love to help you “get in the race!”

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