Wednesday, June 6, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 113 - Acts 24: Paul Accused of Sedition

Defense #3 - Ananias shows up with his lawyer, butters up Felix and basically accuses Paul of “sedition” (good SAT word). I.E. – resisting authorities, disruption & overthrow of government.

Paul then gives his defense by reminding Felix of his years as a just judge, expecting a just verdict himself. Basically he says they made up stories and can’t prove the charges they’re making now (i. e. prove it). He admits being a believer in Jesus but that it doesn’t go against the law & the prophets. And oh yeah, the resurrection being true, I said that one too.

Felix dismisses Paul and tells him he’ll decide his case later when Lysias comes. In the meantime, Felix keeps going to see Paul until he is convicted by Paul’s message of righteousness, self-control & judgment. Why so convicted? Because he had taken another man’s wife and this was getting personal!

The chapter concludes with a combination of Paul’s integrity (wouldn’t offer a bribe) and Felix’s lack of integrity (leaving Paul in prison because wanted favor with the Jews).

*If you tell people today that Jesus is the ONLY way, most likely you’ll be called intolerant. Fact is, Jesus IS the only way and you’re just repeating His message (John 14:6). If there were other ways, then Jesus’ suffering & death was a waste. Remember, God’s Word divides truth from error and all of us have to choose. Likewise, the Holy Spirit’s job is to “convict the world of guilt in regard to sin and righteousness and judgment.” Pray that we and those we have influence on will turn from self to God for forgiveness of sin!

*When are you most tempted to compromise your integrity? Character take years to build up and only seconds to tear down. Pray to God that we will not fall into temptation!

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