Monday, June 18, 2012

Arrived at LTCU....

After our 600+ miles on Saturday, we had a shorter 460+ miles Sunday. Grateful to arrive at CCU yesterday, 1100 miles away from Katy.

Totally enjoyed the "Andrews Men" sharing their devos yesterday on the way. Mr Mark share from Mark 4 on sowing and how God is wanting him to be more involved in sowing - totally what this trip is about! Then Philip share from Ephesians 5:20 & Philippians 2:4 on being more thankful and helping out peeps. Love that Philip is stepping out and want to be a servant leader of THE Cause!~

Evermore lead us in worship (I admit I got tears singing about "His Grace is Enough")and then Greg kicked it off by reading the letter in the front of our LTCU Movement Manuel. Here it is, and if this doesn't pump you up & off the charts, better check your pulse!

The Greg, Zane & Prop (Propaganda = Michael Petty) tag teamed in reminding us why we are here: This is NOT a game. We're here to Launch A Movement! We've been anointed & appointed and are here to:
1 - Embrace THE Cause of Christ
2 - To multiply & be MultiPLIED
3 - To Join the "Alpha X" Fraternity = To be a part of Beginning a Movement!

I got to share with each of the students why I wanted them to be a part of this - which was AWESOME too!
The we PRAYED like Acts 4:31 and, even though an earthquake did not occur, there was a shaking up that occurred in my heart, and the hearts of many in that room!

Lord I'm begging you, please do Your work in me and all those here this week!
Anxiously awaiting what god has for us today....

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