Friday, March 30, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 65 - Luke 21: Back to the Future

Luke spends most of this chapter talking about “future stuff” which is not a new topic. Three times already Jesus has predicted his death, we’ve been warned to be ready for His return, warned about coming judgment, etc… so this is not a new subject.

We first read a short story about giving. Jesus is watching those who give and notices a poor widow who gave “two very small copper coins.” Although these two coins probably had a value of less than a penny, Jesus tells us SHE gave the most! It’s a good reminder that God is more impressed with our heart in giving than He is with our amount!

Then, as the disciples were impressed with the temple, Jesus bursts their bubble by letting them know that it would be completely destroyed (and it was in AD 70). Intrigued, they ask Jesus when all these things are gonna’ take place and what the signs would be. Luke spends the rest of this chapter recording Jesus’ reply. It sort of goes like this:

*Don’t be deceived…
*It’s gonna’ get worse….
*You will be persecuted…
*I’ll tell you what to say….
*Be strong, it’s gonna’ get worse….
*Keep an eye on Jerusalem….
*Panic will abound for unbelievers…
*Don’t hang on to stuff here…
*It’s gonna’ be really bad for pregnant & nursing moms…
*Celestial signs means it’s getting close…
*These signs bring joyful expectation for believers…
*Be watchful….

Ok… is this all clear? Yeah, whenever the Bible talks about future stuff I’m always a bit confused on the details (I do however take great comfort in knowing that many of the commentaries I read are all over the place on the details as well). Only God knows the exact details of the future, but ONE THING He makes very clear: Jesus IS coming back someday, this time not as meek & mild Jesus, but as King & Judge Jesus! This is clearly understandable. And my role? Be ready!!!


*How’s your heart toward giving? “God so loved the world that He gave…” Is it out of your abundance or sacrificial? Lord, please help me to give sacrificially like you gave Jesus sacrificially for me!

*Are you ready for Jesus to return? It could be today! Are you ready? We can better prepare ourselves for His return by Knowing Him and Making Him Known! Are you growing deeper today in your relationship with Jesus and wider in telling others about Him? Let’s put Nike theology into practice and just do it!

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  1. Being ready here means being fresh - free of guilt. And the number one challenge of modern life is adultery.


    To your faith, your constitution,
    later lovers add confusion:
    Married not but in position
    to let count you loose conviction.