Thursday, March 1, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 45 - Luke 1: Talking Angels, Bizarre Pregnancies & the Holy Spirit

So even if you’re somewhat familiar with the whole pregnancy thing, you know that neither 80 year olds nor virgins get pregnant. Yet this is what Luke writes to us in detail “for nothing is impossible with God.” (Thinking about this makes me uncomfortably nervous for the grandparents out there!~)
Anyway - Tons of thoughts as I read, but I’ll give you three:
FIRST, notice the ultimate reaction to the angels’ messages = praise to God! Luke records the great responses of both Zechariah & Mary. Both gave incredible praise to God!
SECOND, Mary, calls the Lord her “Savior.” Even those who “find favor with God” are sinners in need of a Savior.
FINALLY, we see God’s work, being accomplished in God’s timing, and in God’s strength. We see John (in the womb), Mary (as she bears Jesus) and Zechariah (after John is born) all filled with the Holy Spirit. What difference does this make? Ummm….. absolutely all the difference! Zechariah’s initial response was one of doubt and God shut him up for a few months as a result. But later, “filled with the Holy Spirit”, he prophesied!
*What is your reaction the God’s Word – Doubt? Intrigue? Belief? As far back as the garden of eden, the enemy’s job is to get us to doubt God & His Word. Be a Proverbs 3:5-6 person!
*Are you full of your self or of the Holy Spirit? Let’s aim for the latter. “All the things of me will pass, only the things of God will last.”
*May the last verse be true of us - that we would “grow and become strong in spirit!”

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