Friday, March 4, 2011

SYMC 2011 - Why I Love This!

Jean & I arrived yesterday to Chicago to attend THE best student ministry conference there is. Why do I say this? Because its a family. Because it's not a show but it's life. Because it's based on 5 Core Values that I am all about:
1 - Authenticity: So much of life is defined by what we DO, but honestly, it's really more about who we ARE - and SYM & Group get this!
2 - Jesus-Centered: I've learned in my 26+ years of working with students that the more they (& I) are connected deeply with Jesus, the more transformation takes place. And this is evident in the hearts of all those involved in this conference.
3) Deep Learning: These guys get it that one guy up front preaching doesn't engage students, but interactive, deep conversations in the scriptures does! And when humility is displayed in the midst, God does amazing things.
4) Relationships: This one has been a WOW factor for me! SYMC & Group is truly a family, not a business, not a show, but a brotherhood & sisterhood of caring comrades who want the best for everyone else. Being a part of the IT Team has Rocked! Iron has truly sharpened iron.
5) Innovation: It's always good to allow God to use the creativity HE put in us to think outside the box - and then watch & experience God do cool stuff! I said last year:
SYMC is an insightful, passionate, fun conference that reeks of substance and humility!
Looking forward to this weekend....

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