Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SYMC - Monday Threading...

This morning's final session was an emotional one. Rick Lawrence led a beautiful "threading" lesson where we took the pieces of yarn that we all cut the previous day and tied them back together - illustrating how God mends our brokenness. Then each of us tied our knotted yarns with the people next to us until everyone in the entire place was "connected." Then we passed them all forward and there was this HUGE ball of threaded together yarn. God has a way of turning our little things (just my yarn) into big things. What a great reminder that JESUS is the thread that binds us all together amidst even our brokenness - wow!
Then Tommy, one of the skit guys grabbed us with a heart wrenching skit as well on influence.
Finally, Doug Fields closed us out. He said, "When you go to camp, the campers never want it to end and the leaders can't wait for it to end." Yet, as leader for this "camp", he didn't want it to end. He spoke from 1 Kings 19 where there is all this loud stuff happening & how God wasn't in it, but then there was a whisper and God WAS in that! You see, the problem with leaving is the danger of going back to the busy "noise" that drowns out the still small voice of God! God's Spirit has threaded a message this weekend and the danger is to go back to being a Martha! Then, the artwork that had been formed all weekend long began to spin around. Doug then said, "Behind the tapestry of our threaded lives is this one thing......and there it was a Threaded JESUS! Very impactful!
So as I look back on this amazing weekend, here is what I come away with:
- I am SO glad to be connected with my AWESOME God and so many AMAZING friends!
- I Don't need a prayer strategy, prayer IS the strategy!
- Keep it all about JESUS - culture may have a bigger budget, but we have a bigger Producer!
- It's the little things that God has a way of making big things!
Lord, today I'm back in Katy, the place You've called me to be me in. Thanks for this incredible and undeserving privilege. Please help me to Know Jesus and Make Him Known - Faithfully, Passionately, Sacrificially. And, without allowing life's noise to drown out His still small voice, help me to daily be a part of small things!
SYMC is a Small Thing, that helps us reconnect with the Big Thing, thru Whom we can do All Things! Cool God Stuph!!!

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