Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Church Conference - Saturday 11:00AM – Leadership & Making Wise Choices

Saturday 11:00AM
After the break, Randles finished up talking about what it takes to be a leader – character. He told the story of how he got saved. He went to an FCA because he got asked by a guy who’s character he respected. When you bleed leadership and character it will draw people to you! Often we don’t develop godly character because we have addictions: sex/porn, video games, lying, etc…. Dangerous Disciples do what they need to do to break free of addictions. They pay the price. How about you? There are no shortcuts. Don’t let things have power over me, only Jesus!
Making Good Choices: What I DO drives who I am. The price for influence is character. Character is the sum total of your good and bad choices, so we must learn to make wise choices> How do I know God’s will in making choices? 5 Sources:
1 - Is there a direct command concerning this?
90% of God’s will is the same for all of us. He talked about Newton & Keppler. The laws of God are like the laws of physics – you can’t break them, you can only illustrate them. Joshua 1:8, John 14:21, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, Psalm 119:9-11, etc… BUT we think God will make an exception with us (i.e dating an unbeliever). Well God doesn’t make exceptions. Voting (the American way) doesn’t make things true either. Even ignorance is no excuse.
2 - God will speak to me with the voice (Holy Spirit) of conviction:
God’s Holy Spirit will convict and convince us in choices we make that are not covered by #1. There can be “bad” conviction though. The devil, peers and even my own feelings can cause false conviction. So how do you tell them apart? Well, conviction will never go against God’s Word. And the more you spend time with Jesus, the more you’ll recognize His voice.
3 – Obedience to Authorities:
God never honors rebellion but does honor obedience. He has placed MANY authorities in our lives, and unless we are being asked to sin, we are to obey them. parents, teachers, police, government, laws, etc…
4 – Checking with Godly Others:
Pastors, mentors, godly parents, families, etc… with experience and wisdom in making decisions are a great resource to go to regularly and share what decisions you are grappling with.
5 – Circumstances:
This one is only good if you keep it at the end of the list. Open doors in circumstances take wisdom but can be great opportunities for the Lord.

Saturday afternoon we had students texting, facebooking, phoning, etc…. all their friends to come to Sonic for FREE drinks and to receive a FREE ticket to a Tedashii concert that evening. It was pretty cool to see Sonic swarming with students!
Then we had some free play time and spent it together with the students from The Fellowship at Cinco Ranch. Fun times.
That evening, Tedashii rapped it out big-time! This was a worship concert you FELT as much as heard!

Lord, the conference is over, but YOUR influence and Impact is not! Transform me. Transform our students. Make us Dangerous Disciples who want to Know Jesus and Make Him Known!

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