Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mr Bill's Having Surgery - Ohhhh Noooooo!

Hey Gang -
I'd appreciate your prayers as I am having a "bunionectomy" Thursday morning at 6:30am.
(Memorial Herman Surgical Center on Kingsland in Katy)
Not too detailed, but here's the scoop:
They've got to cut off a chuck of bone growth next to my toe and put a screw in. (guess I'm screwed at airport security). It's outpatient surgery, takes about an hour and a half, then I'm horizontal for two days, then in a boot thingy for 10 days, and not suppose to be able to do anything rigorous for 6-8 weeks. (they've got to be kidding) This will be the first time since arriving in Katy in 1990 that I will have to sit still this long and it may kill me!~
- For me to see beyond the surgery. Maybe God grew me a bunion so I could be a witness to those working on me.......just sayin'
- That God would move in Dr Jacobs hands (the surgeon) to do exactly what needs to be done.
- That the recovery would be swift and I'd be back to abnormal as soon as possible :)
- For Jean as she deals with an inactive husband and all the extra work around our home
- For finances to pay for this thing

Thanks tons - I appreciate it!

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