Tuesday, February 14, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 32 - Mark 4: Five Stories

Parable of the Sower – Seed represents the Word of God, the Farmer is Jesus (and all who proclaim the Gospel), and the people represent the different kinds of soil where the seed falls. I love this parable and I believe understanding this one helps us understand the rest of them! Some will be receptive, some won’t. Some will be troubled & distracted from God more than others. And some will multiply like Jesus intended!
Lamp on the Stand – Lamps were meant to bring to light everything in a room and were for everyone in that room. Jesus’ free gift of salvation opens our eyes and is available to all who desire the truth! And the more we put into practice the Word of God (being good soil), the more we will be given to be faithful with.
Growing Seed – Short, but sweet, this one is only recorded by Mark. I believe it has to do with the results of spiritual growth occurring in the “good soil.” All of which is meant to reproduce “because the harvest has come.”
Mustard Seed – The Gospel, God’s offer of salvation, may seem simple because it is a free gift, accepted by faith, not earned. But the benefits are HUGE! Even unbelieving friends can benefit from a believers faith. Amazing!
Calming of the Storm – The chapter ends with a demonstration of Jesus’ power over even the weather & seas. The disciples are in a boat in a really bad storm and are freaking out. They accuse Jesus of not caring because He was sleeping in the stern. So He gets up, tells the wind & the waves to “chill” and basically says they have weak faith! Wow. “Who is this? Even the wind and the waves obey Him!”
*Which of these parables stands out to you? Why? Which one challenges you in your walk with the Lord? Will you ask God to help you to put in to practice what you’ve learned from that one?
*How are you letting your “light” shine to those around you? Are you living the Gospel by doing good deeds, loving your neighbors, helping those in need, etc…? Are you speaking the Gospel by turning conversations to spiritual things, bringing God up, sharing the good news, etc..? BOTH are a vital in Knowing Jesus & Making Him Known!~
*Interesting that the disciples were “afraid” they were going to die but were “terrified” when they realized who was with them! Often we can get so used to Jesus being our friend (which He is) that we lose sight of the fact that He is GOD too! Lets take some time today to be in awe and to revere God for who He is – it will give us a refreshing perspective!

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