Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 Corinthians 7 DEVO: Persevering

Chapter 7:
This chapter gives some great tools for persevering in life and in ministry:
Vs. 1 – Live differently for the Lord
Vs. 2 – Have a forgiving heart
Vs. 3-4 – Brag on others
Vs. 5 – Realize life & ministry can be hard
Vs. 6 – Go to God for comfort & strength
Vs. 7 – Receive encouragement
Vs. 8-13 – Recognize Godly sorrow gives life
Vs 13-16 – Take chances in boasting about others
Vs. 4,6,7,13,15,16 – Have JOY!
*What relationships would be affected most by you living differently for the Lord? Friends? Family? Work? Are you willing to risk those relationships? What keeps you (& me) from living separately?
*As we daily live in this imperfect world, what is our daily temperament? Joy? Anger? Depression? Bitterness? What would our neighbors say our prevailing temperament is? What would our family say it is?
*When you speak of others, do you build them up or tear them down? Read Ephesians 4:29!
*How has sorrow in your life drawn you to God? Will you take a moment & thank Him?!

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