Friday, April 2, 2010

2 Thessalnians 2 DEVO: Clarifying “The Day of the Lord”

Chapter 2:
Paul in this chapter addresses their concerns regarding Jesus’ return. Somehow, a false teaching had reached them saying that “the day of the Lord” had already come. Paul corrects them by saying that this day cannot occur until the “the man of lawlessness” is revealed. This is the one the Bible calls “the anti-Christ.” He will oppose God, try to take over God’s place and call himself God. “Hey – we’ve talked about this before” – Paul says.
He goes on to remind them that the “power of lawlessness” is already at work. In other words, evil reigns right now but someday that will be corrected. Who is the one who “holds back” this evil one? Ultimately it’s God, but there’s some debate as to the specifics - that would take way more than this devo to describe. Just know that miraculous acts will accompany this anti-Christ – so don’t be fooled, supernatural powers are not limited to God (remember Pharaoh’s magicians) but are certainly under His sovereignty!
“Those who are perishing” - refuse to love the truth, so God allows them to believe the lie. Thos who do not believe the truth will be condemned. The only unforgivable sin truly is unbelief. Makes sense that you don’t get to be with God if you don’t believe.
We need to remember as believers that from the beginning God chose & called us (verses 13-14). Oh boy, look out………… so did God choose us or did we choose Him? Again, this would take like, a year’s worth of devos, but here’s where I stand: Yes and in that order!
This certainly is encouraging for believers, that God initiated our salvation and that we can’t do anything to lose it! This is a good reason for Paul to conclude with a benediction citing God as loving, gracious and encouraging!
*Ever been unfairly treated? Been shown injustice in a situation? Then you are among the ranks of the saints in scripture, and even among our Savior Jesus, who faced these very things, especially during passion week! The Bible teaches us that we should thank God that we were worthy to suffer for His name’s sake!
*If you have put your trust & faith in Jesus Christ, God not only CHOSE you but has GOOD WORKS for you to do! Namely to Know Jesus and Make Him Known! What better time to get to it than Easter weekend! I challenge you to ask someone in the next 48hrs what they believe Easter is about. And then YOU share with them what YOU believe Easter is about! Go ahead, I double-dog dare ya’!

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