Monday, October 15, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 206 - Hebrews 2: Warning, Destiny & Jesus Made Like Us

I’m a pastor to students and I want students to like me. But what I want most is to see all of them someday in heaven! In order to see this happen, it’s not enough that I just teach the Bible to students. I must also warn, exhort and invite! Hell will be (and is) full of people who were never actually opposed to Jesus Christ, but who simply ignored the Gospel. The writer of Hebrews gives warning so that this doesn’t happen to them. The warning in 1-4 is not to believers. We can neglect growth and discipleship but not salvation. It’s also not for those who have never heard, because you can’t neglect what you don’t know. It’s for those “make-believers” who think they are saved but who never have received Christ! They are intellectually convinced but in their hearts, have ignored the Gospel. The writer then begins to explain destiny, our position and Jesus’ position, in regards to angels. God never intended to give angels rule over the world to come- that is for us! Yet, “What is man” = wowsa! In light of the universe and the speck called earth, I am sooooo small! Yet, some day, as a believer in heaven, I will help rule. Right now, we’re lower than angels, but it’s only temporary! “We see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, now crowned with glory and honor…” Want more evidence that Jesus is the greatest? He was born to die (9). He is our substitute (9) and the author of Salvation (10). He makes us holy (11-13). He conquered Satan (14-15). And He also empathizes with us (16-18). If anyone could ever say “been there, done that” it was Jesus! SO WHAT?! *Do you & I have a holy obsession for all people to Know Jesus & Make Him Known?! The writer of Hebrews did and I pray that God will move us in the same way! *A lot of would be “messiahs” have appeared over the years – David Koresh, Joseph Smith, Jim Jones, Mohammed, etc…. Yet ALL of them have failed to live up to their claims and NONE of them could ever remove your sin & mine. ONLY JESUS can do these things. Have you ever put your trust & faith in Him alone for the forgiveness of your sins? If you have, then celebrate His greatness today! If you haven’t, why not do that today!?~!

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