Monday, May 7, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 91 - Acts 2: Happy Birthday to………….The Church!

The birth of God’s church begins a major turning point in the history of God’s Kingdom!
Ch. 1 = disciples to wait for coming of Holy Spirit Ch. 2 = He comes!
Ch. 1 = Disciples are equipped. Ch. 2 = They’re Empowered.
Ch. 1 = Disciples were held back. Ch. 2 = They’re sent forth.
Ch. 1 = Savior ascended. Ch. 2 = Spirit descends.
Ch. 1 = The Promise is given. Ch. 2 = The Promise is fulfilled.

If we do the math right - Pentecost was 50 days after Passover, Jesus was on earth 40 days after he rose from the dead………… so that places the promised Holy Spirit, arriving here in chapter two, at 10 days after Jesus ascended into heaven.

So the disciples are hanging out and all of the sudden it gets really windy, these like “tongues of fire” come resting on each of their heads and then they all become experts in different foreign languages – your basic, ordinary Sunday afternoon. THIS would have been a really cool youth night with our students!!!

They needed God’s POWER to do God’s WORK and so God gives them Himself – His Holy Spirit to live inside them! Why? Verse 11 says in order to “…declare the wonders of God…” The disciples were given POWER to tell others about Jesus! And since there were people from all over the place, God caused them to speak in each person’s language so they could hear the Good News of Jesus!

Then Peter (yeah, the one who ditched Jesus earlier) steps up to the plate and explains just that! Taking them through prophecy and all the events of Jesus death, burial & resurrection, Peter preaches the first sermon of the church! It’s a 1 point sermon: “…God has made this Jesus, whom you crucified, both Lord & Christ.”, with one application: “Repent & be baptized.” If Peter was attempting to make friends and influence neighbors he blew it. No, he knew he was God’s representative now and He is called to speak God’s Words not his own. So what were the results? 3000 people came to Christ - not a bad day – how many came to Christ in your church this past Sunday?!~ And then they were tossed into this loving, generous, sacrificial, joyful community called the church!

*Do you have the Holy Spirit of Jesus living in you? If you have put your trust & faith in Jesus alone, then YES you do, and He wants others to witness Him through you and me!

*How do you respond to the Word of God? Are you “…cut to the heart?” Or is it boring to you? Ask God to give you spiritual desire to be conformed to His image!

*In what ways are you actively involved in the body of Christ? How are YOU helping make your church a loving, generous, sacrificial, joyful place?

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