Tuesday, May 22, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 102 - Acts 13: Paul – Greatly Used of God

Today marks another turning point in the book of Acts. Chapters 1-12 focus on God’s work thru Peter, the remaining chapters focus on God’s work thru Paul. Peter’s focus was on getting the Gospel to the Jewish church in Jerusalem & Judea, Paul’s focus will be on getting the Gospel to the Gentile church beyond Judea – fulfilling Jesus’ command in Acts 1:8. Do you want to be greatly used by God? This chapter gives examples of how that can happen!

First – be involved in ministry right where you are (1-2a). We read that Paul & Barnabas were already involved in the Lord’s work – ministering and fasting.

Second – Follow the Holy Spirit’s leading in your life (2b). This could be a gut feeling, counsel from a godly person, a prompting as you read God’s Word, etc…. When these things occur, we need to, by faith, obey.

Thirdly – Include others (3-5). Paul included Barnabas, Silas, Timothy, Luke, etc… There were never meant to be “lone rangers” in ministry. So when you serve, grab someone and have them serve with you!

Fourth – Realize you’ll face opposition (6-8). If it’s the work of the Lord you can bet the forces of evil are not going to like it. They will do everything to deceive, distract & discourage us so that we will stop. Let’s pray for strength to persevere!

Fifth – Speak for God, even when it’s not popular (9-12). You may or may not have to be as blunt as Paul is here, but either way, speak the truth in love with gentleness & respect.

Sixth – Use your Bible to point people to Jesus (13-41). It’s all about HIM and we need to know God’s Word to lead people to Him. Hopefully this “260 in 2012” is helping you do just that!

Finally – Always remember that whenever the Gospel is preached some will be opposed, some may ask more questions but some will believe! (12, 42-52)

*In what ways are you currently involved in the Lord’s work? Are you active in sharing your faith? In serving? In praying? In teaching? Etc… If you are not, let me know and I can help you with ideas of how to get started so you can be greatly used of God! And be sure to include others in the process!
*What has the Holy Spirit been prompting you with lately? Is it reaching out to an outcast in your school or at your job or in your neighborhood? Maybe it’s sharing your testimony with someone? Follow God’s prompting today and I guarantee you that you won’t be sorry you did!
*If we will BE and DO these things and we will be “…..continually filled with joy and the Holy Spirit.” (52)

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