Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Present Ideas for JESUS!

Each year when Christmas arrives and I reflect on Jesus' birthday, I always think it's the most awkward birthday party ever. Think about it: Everyone arrives, we may or may not take time to talk to the guest of honor, then we all rip into HIS presents. Ok, maybe I'm just a bit weird, but to me that's awkward. So, a few years ago, as I became more frustrated with this awkward party, I began searching for ways to help it be less awkward. Here are some ideas to help us all: Christmas Present Ideas for Jesus! • Visit hospital patients who can’t go home for the holidays. Bring gifts, cookies, etc…and share the Gospel. • Give a days wages, $ you saved, etc… to a rescue mission, Salvation Army, a missionary, etc… • Volunteer time/service at your church – cleaning, repairing, etc… • Buy socks & blankets and take them to the homeless with some food. • Visit those unable to get out & about, in nursing homes, jail, etc… • When eating at restaurants, ask the waiter/waitress how you can pray for them. • Pay for the car behind you in the drive-thru line. • Invite friends over for a Christmas party – have games, snacks & a speaker who will share the Christmas story about Jesus. • Write letters of encouragement to those who need a “written hug.” • Wrap gifts up for Jesus (commitments, $ for needy, goals, etc…) – open them first! • Include tracts/cards when you pay your bills, when you drive thru fast food places, when you give gifts, etc… • Sing Christmas Carols at stores, in your neighborhoods, etc… • Don’t let people be “home alone” on Christmas. Invite them to part of your celebration. • Help the elderly/widows with a meal, yard work, etc… • Ask local stores if you can wrap gifts, help carry out packages, etc…. all All for FREE!!! • Bring lunch to a retirement home and share the Christmas story – the Gospel. • Create a birthday card for Jesus. Write in it what you would tell Him if you could hand it to Him in person. • Have a Birthday Party for Jesus or a pinata’ for kids in the neighborhood. • Take your family to a stinky old barn on Christmas morning and read thru the Christmas story. • Get some families together and buy a bunch of NEW cloths, toys, etc.. and have a FREE garage sale in a poorer neighborhood. • Cater in lunch for teachers at your student’s school and leave gift books that tell the story of Jesus. • For every dollar you spend at Christmas, give the same amount to your church, missionaries and other Jesus-centered ministries. • Not much $ - Make a “kind deeds” Christmas book & give it to your parents. Coupons for “I’ll cook dinner”, “I’ll do the laundry”, “free kid-sitting”, etc… • Leave a gift card in the mailbox with the Christmas story for your postal worker. • Take a homeless person to lunch. • Have a Christmas cookie exchange – and a speaker to share the Gospel. • Go to the mall, Look for lonely people sitting on a bench and talk to them about Christmas. • Invite a neighbor, friend or family member to Christmas Eve service. • REMEMBER JESUS EACH & EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR!!! GIVE & LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR HIM!!! “I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for Me.” Matthew 25:40

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