Tuesday, November 6, 2012

260 in 2012 DEVOS - Day 222 - James 5: Warnings, Commands, Prayer

If yesterday’s rebukes weren’t enough, don’t fear, James has some more for us today – LOL!~ Let me begin by asking you – Are you rich? The question can be pretty relative, but I ask it anyway. I’m certainly rich! I live in the richest country in the world. I’m rich. I live in Castle Rock, CO, which is located in one of the most affluent counties in the nation. I’m rich. We have two vehicles, 4 TV’s, 2 computers, 3 cell phones. And most of all, we have JESUS! We’re rich! We may not have as much money as most of those around us, but we’re rich. And so are you! Which brings me to this point: James is addressing US in this chapter – YOU & ME. Five times he says it! YOU have hoarded wealth… YOU failed to pay the workmen… YOU lived on earth in luxury & self-indulgence… YOU have fattened yourselves… YOU have condemned & murdered innocent men… Whenever we earn or receive money and think it’s ours, instead of realizing we are managers of God’s money, it causes selfish problems: hoarding, stingy-ness, spending it all on ourselves and, sadly, “murdering” the poor – people in financial need who are dying for help – help we could give! I realize there will always be more needs than I can ever meet. But one by one I am to seek to meet needs with what the Lord has given! This takes patience – for it means sacrificially giving, and having to do without ourselves. AND we are not to grumble in doing it. It also takes integrity. If we say we will help, we must. God’s name is at stake! We are to let our “Yes” be yes and our “No” be no! Finally, James calls his readers to prayer! It could very well be that the trouble, unhappiness & sickness mentioned in 13-14 came from people being shown unfair favoritism, receiving tongue lashings, having promises broken and the poor being dissed. So we should PRAY! We need the strength of heaven to combat the stuff of this earth! SO WHAT?! *How are you managing the riches God has given you? Let’s not compare ourselves with others! We will never have to answer for what others have, but we will give an account to God of what He gave us. So, who could you & I help out today financially? Know of anyone going thru some financial troubles? Surpise ‘em! Doesn’t matter how much the gift, God will use it! *When was the last time you went to God desperate in prayer? I believe God loves to hear us cry out to Him because it shows we NEED Him – and God loves to be needed and CAN MEET our every need!

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